Dog Harnass

30 to 45 lbs dog Two o-rings each positioned just behind the shoulders o-ring on the right has two straps which are 3″ from the ring to where connector mates (total including hardware) o-ring on the left has two straps which are 10″ from the ring to where connector mates (total including hardware) chest band […]

Amulets – 1/8th of inch

Some black random hide from Tandy leather when picking up more vegtan to do the commercialized whip project.  Wish Tandy kept better records of the tannery etc they got stuff from… Stuck some gemstones on it.  I like it. I think silver small rivets would work too. Apologies the phones are using my illumination LED […]

The year of unfulfilled promises

One probably 15~ish jobs I mildly said I would take on to some degree or another & payments became an issues.  This one went over time estimated for cost.  It’s too long for close up photos, which makes photos of the length of it ‘meh’.  I’ve tried many times with the whips to take shots […]

Card holder wallet

Walnut horween hide 3rd … Day 1: Spent 4 – 8 hours working out the pattern by hand and testing on the belly leather that was too stretchy.  Had split part of time with reading up on doing more along with the mini wrap around sleeve also pictured here. Note these pictures of Day 1 […]

2018 #1 – #31 Whip – Part 2

Note:  Creation up to this point is documented here The left side of each photo is the 31st whip documented previously in the link above. In this stage you are seeing the 7 strands in a series of half hitches. The peach leather piece is the tail. I am using a bit more leather at […]